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Dura-Lar Film for DIY Button Making (8.5x11 Sheets)

Dura-Lar is a button makers replacement product for Mylar that you can print to produce stunning, super shiny buttons. You cannot print gold, silver or fluorescent colours with your printer. Print acetate and use bright papers to create great effects on your buttons.

Dura-Lar Film is a great product for button makers to print transparencies to achieve colours on buttons that printers simply cannot print. By combining transparencies with gold leaf or fluorescent colors you can make stunning buttons.

Dura-Lar is available in Matt or clear and in various thicknesses. Dura-Lar is also available as Metallized Dura-Lar with an aluminum coating in bright gold sheets in 8" x 12".  (Remember you cannot print the gold.  You print the transparency.

Dura-Lar is the perfect acetate alternative.  A highly versatile polyester film that is the perfect cross between mylar and acetate. This hybrid product has unsurpassed strength, clarity, stability and flatness.  The quality is archival, heat resistant, tear resistant and does not absorb moisture or discolor with age.

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