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SALE: Die Cut magnet sheets in precut sizes. Make your own fridge magnets!


Magnets on a sheet.  Great for making your own fridge magnets.  You can combine with stickers to make quick and easy fridge magnets.  The product is professionally die cut to various useful sizes for fridge magnets, but is NOT designed for directly printing on.

  • Make your own fridge magnets
  • Quick and easy using your printer at home.
  • Turn your designs into magnets for the fridge
  • Wholesale magnet pricing. Bulk magnets available.

1.75" SQUARE: 16 magnets on 8" x 8" sheets. 60 mil magnets.  80 sheets to a case.

2.75" SQUARE: 16 magnets on 12" x 12" sheets. Heavy 60 mil magnet. 55 sheets to a case.

2.626 ROUND:  16 magnets on 12" x 12" sheets.  Heavy 60 mil magnet. 70 sheets to a case

1.875 ROUND: 25 magnets on 11" x 11" sheets. 40 mil magnet.  100 sheets to a case.

1.75" x 2.75" RECTANGLE: 12 magnets on 9" x 8" sheets. 60 mil. 80 sheets to as case.

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