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Used 2-1/4 Badge-A-Matic Button Making Kit from Badge-A-Minit, Machine only

Checkout this item for $500 USD on the BadgeAminit website  Our deal is way less than 1/2 price!
Button Maker tested, Working well!  Uses BAM 2-3/8" buttons.  These buttons are available from People Power Press.  Buy button parts  Button maker is very lightly used.  Showroom model.


When buying used or second - hand button making equipment, button makers or circle cutters we suggest the following:

Most button making equipment is solid metal and quite robust and repairable so buying a used button maker is a good way to go. When buying a machine test it.  The best test is simply to make 10 - 20 buttons with the machine.  If those buttons are all good that machine will likely make 1000-2000 or even 20,000 buttons.  Same with a cutter but with a cutter, does it need blades? or other replacement parts?  Also with a button maker; are the parts available, cheaply and easily.  Are you sure you can get parts?  Also watch out for crazy prices on parts.

If you can get the parts cheaply and easily it's worth looking at a used, second-hand or refurbished button maker or other button making equipment.  Look for solid metal machines and don't believe anyone when they say " Takes 2" buttons, yea they're easy to get"  Check first!!!    Do not just look online assuming that those button parts will fit, call the company.  Avoid Chinese Button Makers, they do not last long, parts are very expensive and difficult to find.

Solid Investment, Solid Return
Speed, efficiency and quality - you get it all with the 2 1/4" Badge-A-Matic! This semi-automatic, tabletop machine makes producing the ever-popular 2 1/4" buttons easier than ever. The assembly rings are built in, so all you need to do is add the button parts and you can be creating up to 300 buttons per hour.
Made in the USA

  • 2 1/4" Semi-Automatic machine
  • Lifetime Guarantee from Manufacturer

BadgeAminit Badgeamatic Used Button Maker Lot # 385680

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