Custom Square + Diamond Buttons

1" Square/Diamond Buttons

These little buttons are great for promotional giveaways, band buttons, festivals and more! Great for short phrases, and square logos.

1-1/2" Square/Diamond Buttons

The perfect size for an album cover button! Also a great middle ground for square/diamond buttons, as they allow for more text/imagery, but are still small enough to wear regularly.

2" Square/Diamond Buttons

Make a statement! This size is useful for name tags (events, summer camps, etc) retail promo buttons, and art buttons.

2.5" Square/Diamond Buttons

A brand new size that really makes an impact! Go with this size to really get your magnet noticed, whether it's for a campaign, art/photo display, band merchandise or whatever you dream up!

3" Square/Diamond Buttons

The biggest of the set! Go with this size to really get your button noticed, whether it's a name tag, campaign, info button or whatever you dream up!



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