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2-1/4" Used Button Maker Kit with Cutter, Supplies to make 500 buttons

Everything you need to make 500 2-1/4" buttons including the 2-1/4" button maker & circle cutter.

Equipment condition: Excellent.  This machine is tested.  Heavy duty. Works well!  Industrial grade - can work with air compressor (optional) !

Button maker with hour glass action - Double one piece die that you turn.

*** Takes standard buttons - easily available!!!!

Available button parts
What comes in the box.

500 complete 2-1/4" button parts.  Shell, Pinback & Mylar.

2-1/4" button maker machine, used, refurbished - tested. Manufactured by Romic Canada.

2-1/4" "hourglass action" style die @ 2.625" for STANDARD 2-1/4" button parts.

2-1/4" graphic punch for circle cutting . Cuts at 2.625"

3 months waranty



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