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2" x 3" Standard Rectangle Button Basics Kit


The 2" x 3" Rectangle Button Basics Kit is just like the Button Fun Kit except that this kit includes a graphic punch so you can quickly cut out your artwork. Save a lot of time and frustration with this extra machine! This kit also includes the professional 2" x 3" button maker and all the supplies needed to make 200 poster art buttons (100 horizontal and 100 vertical).

2" x 3" is a popular rectangle button size perfect for photo buttons, souvenir buttons, poster art, large name tags and rectangle logo buttons.


  • Tecre Model #2030 hand press
  • Tecre Model #R2030 Graphic Punch (blade-less, table top, punch style circle cutter)
  • Everything you need to make 100 x 2" x 3" Horizontal Pins (shells, pinbacks and mylar)
  • Everything you need to make 100 x 2" x 3" Vertical Pins (shells, pinbacks and mylar).
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Instructions

The Tecre #2030 button maker and #R2030 graphic punch are both superb professional machines. No cheap plastic parts that will get broken or get lost. Make vertical and horizontal pins, unpinned buttons, pocket/purse mirrors and magnets! A  lifetime warranty from the manufacturer is also included.

Made in the U.S.A.


The Tecre #2030 machine uses Standard 2" x 3" Button Supplies.
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