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A Part-Time Canada Won't Work - custom button design  Available as a pinback button or fridge magnet in 3 sizes: 1-1/4", 2-1/4" or 3". 

3 captains of industry in a bar discussing how much money they made this year. John, Jack and Jenny are very rich and very successful. Jack suggests paying employees more but John and Jenny are not impressed. John suggests making everyone part time so they can avoid paying benefits.  Jenny likes this because her shareholders are always looking for larger payouts. And hey, "if we all offer part time jobs, people can work for all 3 of us - we can spread the wealth! Employ more people and increase profits"  
So the 45 hour / multiple employer job was created.  Employers share employees, No benefits to pay, Reduced severence and even better, the employee provides the time to travel between locations (the cost of travel falling to the employee). Employees are easier (cheaper) to hire and fire.  And it's not just the Walmarts of this world exploiting part time workers.  The covid pandemic crisis revealed how badly care workers are paid but also that they travel between multiple care homes spreading the virus between patients at different homes. Part-time health workers? Not a good idea.

Apparently unless you are a Captain of Industry.

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