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Automatic Button Bank Vending Machine and Start Up Kits

Sell buttons with your logo and add your own slogans or designs that match the venue.  Sell your products using a Northern Beaver vending machine.

The perfect solution for a small business wanting to sell buttons.  A great promotion tool as kit includes possibility for design, creation and insertion of your logo or design into button capsules ready for vending. You choose the content, you choose the price.

The Automatic Button Bank Vending Machine comes with the Northern Beaver Model of vending machine in Red.

Kits include:

  • The Automatic Button Vending Machine with capacity for 500 button capsules
  • Option for 0, 500 (Basics Kit) or 1000 (Business Kit) button capsules filled with buttons
  • Design of your button, logo button or special slogan.
  • Printing of your own button designs
  • Choice of designs ready to go included:1500 designs in stock!
  • Button Pressing
  • Buttons come inserted in capsules, in the machine and ready to sell

Sold Separately:

  • JUST the BS-150 Vending Machine Stand
  • JUST the Button Bank Vending Machine (no capsules or buttons)

Promote your business or fundraise with these solid metal button vending machines.  But how does it work?

These machines are great for many businesses but let us look at the art gallery example.  We can create buttons from the art of the artists that you display.  Each button with your logo or website.

Your customers appreciate the art and support your gallery in a small way and walk away wearing a button and promoting your gallery.  Great marketing and a profitable sale.  The button cost 50 cents and you can choose below what to sell them for.

The simplest way to retail buttons without theft shrinkage and each button is a promotion tool for you!

Sell buttons with your logo in your store

Specs on the Automatic Button Vending Machine - Round Beaver Model - Black

  • Shatter proof glass:  Capacity aprox 500 1" capsules.
  • Retro Chrome and red look.
  • Security coin mechanism measures both width and diameter of coins.
  • Flat key and lock mechanism (geographically designed for greater security)
  • Scuff proof rubber feet for the counter or optional floor stand
  • Multi coin mechanism option

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