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Humorous Greeting Cards, Illustrated Funny Cards, Brit Humour

Beautifully illustrated, these Humour Greeting Cards will add a little something to any one's day. Great themes and modern messages will let you feel like giving someone a card as unique as they are. 5 x 7 size and blank inside to include your unique message. Humour Greeting Cards, Illustrated is a wonderful expression for every day.

British humour at it's best.  These are really funny greeting cards from The Art File in the UK.  Illiustrations by Lion Illustration.

  • Mildred's cubist phase caused quite a stir
  • Over time, the pod came to accept Henry as one of their own.
  • For the last time, stop humming and sing the words
  • "No, it's fine. It's just... you had spots in your profile picture"
  • "Woah, foot-rush!"
  • No Diving. No Heavy Petting.
  • "Twoo!" "Twit...."
  • "Tart."
  • He read it again just to be sure, but it seemed clear; Bagheera wasn't allowed to eat the baby.
  • Sometimes, thought Peter, having fun seemed like awfully hard work.
  • "Yeah mate, I get asked to do these all the time."
  • And right then, Kermit knew he had to have her.
  • Nigel basked in his epic victory.



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