Jump You Fuckers - Bay St.

Jump You Fuckers - Bay St.

Anti-corporate button relevant to the current economic downtown and the possible double dip as Greece, Ireland and a number of European countries teeter on the brink.

The myth that corporate executives, bankers and those responsible for the suffering caused by massive downturns in the economy is exactly that - A MYTH.  No banker became a jumper on Wall St in the 1930's depression.  Like today they were too busy squirreling their ill gotten gains offshore and into numbered bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. Because remember, they need the ups and downs because that is when huge gains are made and particularly easy to predict when your actions cause these downturns.  You free up cash in advance, take the downturn and then buy everything back up at a few cents on the dollar. You are then put on the cover of magazines as a shining example of a clever and successful citizen when in fact you should be in jail.  Why not save us the trouble and just jump!



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