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Magnetic Name Badge Hardware for Bulk Nametags

Name Badge Magnets Super Strong Neodymium Magnets for DIY Magnetic Name Tags and professional looking magnetic rare earth name badges.

Top quality badge magnets used for professional name badge attachments. Strong 3M adhesive already fixed to the stainless back plates so you can peel and stick to the name badges easily. These bulk name tag accessories use stainless steel which provides a longer service time and premium quality.

  • Material:  Top quality neodymium magnets. We use stainless steel instead of regular sheet metal so they will never rust even in the wet environment or coastal area. The adhesives on the back plates are 3M brand. 
  • Dimensions: 1.8" Long X 1/2" Wide X 5/32"Thick.
  • Holding Power: 7 lbs.
  • Features and Advantages: All metal design, strong and sturdy
  • Applications: Magnetic Badge attachments applicable for major types of name badges. A magnetic device for holding door or window screens, or air vent covers, etc.

We can also design and supply your name tags for your event or conference using this high quality product.  We can print your namebadge on metal, plastic, paper or wood!

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  • Commercial use only! These extra strong magnetic badge attachments are not toys! Keep them away from pacemakers and children.


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