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Mighty Wallets

Be Mighty!
The incredible strength of the Mighty Wallet comes from its super-strong material and unique-folded design. This super thin and lightweight Tyvek billfold wallet is incredibly strong, resistant to tears and stains.
From Marvel Comic characters to Star Wars heroes, and really cool-image themes, these wallets will draw attention to your powerful symbols. Bring it on.... just not the cheque!

Many different designs available:

  • 3D Movies Wallet
  • French Fries Wallet
  • Han Solo Wallet
  • Stormtroopers Wallet
  • R2-D2 Wallet
  • Batgirl Wallet
  • Bomb Shells Wallet
  • Harley Card Wallet
  • Joker's Wallet
  • Camo Wallet
  • Diamond Plate Wallet
  • Superman Wallet
  • Batman Wallet
  • Green Lantern Wallet
  • Wonder Woman Wallet
  • The Flash Wallet
  • Comic Book Wallet
  • Underground Wallet
  • PBJ Wallet

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