Rethink Capitalism

Is this capitalist system working?  

Is there any hope of eradicating poverty, ending hunger or housing the homeless.  It seems to me that the more we try to climb over each other to achieve success the less likely we are going to create a sustainable, harmonious world.

That is because capitalism sells us a form of success that is by nature it's own vision, not ours.   This capitalist system sells us never-ending war and offers us freedom of choice (to shop).  We have the right to choose the colour of our poorly crafted housewares and gadgets but we cannot make choices on anything that really matters.

Will a majority of the people decide next time a decision is made to go to war? Or will we get a repeat of the Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Vietnam (to name but a few) fiascos?   Will a majority of the people decide who will be our next leader or will it be decided by a combination of media moguls and major corporations represented by their lobbyists.  The system isn't working - change it!

Available as 2" x 2" or 3" x 3" square Pinback Buttons or Fridge Magnets



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