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Screen Printing Kit - Intermediate Deluxe Kit - Speedball

A complete screen printing kit ideal for a starter or intermediate screen printer, artist or student.  This is more that a starter kit!  This kit will allow you to begin and then will carry you further with your screen printing ambitions.

  • This kit gives you all you need for 2 of the most popular ways to screen print. Provides all that's needed to print on fabric or paper using the drawing fluid/screen filler and the photo emulsion methods
  • Make t-shirts, curtains, pillowcases, stationary, and much more with these high quality products and easy-to-follow instructions
  • With 2 frames and 6 inks, you are ready to tackle any screen printing project with this kit! kit contains: (1) 10”x14” Speedball wooden screen frame and base; (1) 8”x10” Speedball wooden screen frame; (1) Speedball craft squeegee (textile); (1) Speedball craft squeegee (graphic); (2) 4Oz. Jars of Speedball fabric screen printing ink (one each black, read); (4) 4Oz. Jars of Speedball acrylic screen printing ink (one each black, process cyan, process magenta, process yellow); (1) 4Oz. Bottle of drawing fluid; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of screen filler;
  • 1) 3.3Oz. Bottle of Speedball diazo photo emulsion; (1) bottle of Speedball sensitizer; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of Speedball photo emulsion remover; (1) 4Oz. Bottle of Speedball speed clean; (2) Speedball transparencies; (1) round brush; (6) craft sticks; (1) sheet of black paper; (1) Speedball screen printing instruction guide
  • Drawing fluid and screen filler work together to create a painted stencil. This is an effective method for detailed hand-drawn images, or images with apainterlyquality. The photo emulsion method allows for the highest fidelity and detail. The method requires specific tools and due to its intricate steps, it is also the most complicated technique

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