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Screw style cutting press with 7 dies for button making - Press New, Dies used

A screw style cutting die press with 7 sizes of cutter.  The perfect upgrade for cutting circles for button making.  Mechanize your button making and speed up production.

What comes in the box:

1x diepress in perfect working order, hardly used, showroom model.
Used full size industrial cutting board with long life ahead
7 dies in used condition, 3 need attention, dies sold as is.:

Steel rule mounted in perspex cuts for 3-1/2" buttons (Cut size 4")
Steel rule mounted in perspex cuts for 2-1/4" photo buttons (Cut size 2-1/2")
Steel rule die (classic) cuts for 2-1/4" standard buttons at 2-5/8"
Steel rule mounted in perspex cuts for 1-3/4" buttons (Cut size 2-1/8")
All metal foundry die for 1-1/2" buttons. (Working but needs sharpening)
All metal foundry die for 1-1/4" buttons. (Cuts but has chip needs attention)
All metal foundry die for 1" buttons. (Cuts but has chip needs attention)

The above dies will allow cutting for button making but are thrown in with the die press.  The real value is in the die press.  You may need to source further dies to match your needs.  The dies are sold as is.

How was this machine tested?

We had a commercial job for a few hundred buttons where the client had supplied the printed circles on photo paper.  They were accurately printed so it allowed us to staple multiple sheets together.  Then using the 1-3/4" die that comes in this kit we completed the cutting 3 sheets at a time.  The photo paper was very thick and the screw press and die cut through without any trouble.  I would only recommend that this press needs to be bolted to a board for ease of use or even bolted to a table.  Worked well and for this particular job was easier than using the big Tecre cutter.

Some Tips to Consider When Buying Used, Second-Hand, Refurbished Button Maker Machines, Graphic Punches, and Other Button Making Equipment:

Look for solid metal machines and do your homework! If someone says "Oh it is super easy to get parts" or "You can get 1" parts anywhere!" make sure they can show you or that you can see that for yourself. People will say anything to offload a used button maker, especially if it is not a great machine or something that take a lot of money to use. Call the company directly to be sure their parts will fit your machine. Avoid machines made in China as they don't last long, are usually made of plastic and parts are expensive and hard to find!

If looking at buying a circle cutter used: Check it out and test it if possible. Buy from trusted source. And ask a few questions: Does it need blades? Are there other replaceable parts? Are those parts easy to get? Are they priced reasonably? 

If buying a used button maker: Test the machine! Make 10-20 buttons to get a sense for how it works. Ask the same questions as above plus a few more: What kind of parts does the badge machine use? Are those parts easily available, priced reasonably? Sometimes a great deal on a used machine is quickly erased when trying to source super expensive parts. 

Used button making equipment lot 385694  A diepress cutter with 7 dies. A screwpress circle cutter for button making

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