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The Legami key concealer stone is an accessory you won’t be able to do without! A fake stone that looks extremely realistic, useful for those who want to be sure they are never locked out, it contains a secret compartment in which to hide your keys. In polyresin and plastic, it is weatherproof. A useful, original gift idea!

With identity theft and crime, whilst not increasing it is certainly changing.  We have top balance security with ease of access.  You can put your door lock on the internet and open your door with your cell phone.  Or you can stay low tech and hiode a spare key under a rock.  In the current climate of hackers, spammers, miscreants and online thieves I think I'm not going to hide under a rock and hope it goes away.  But I am going to hide my key under a rock.

For another low tech security idea checkout the simple password security book.

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