Slightly Used Tecre 2-1/2" Graphic Punch - Fast Circle Cutting!

Slightly Used Tecre #2920 Graphic Punch for use with the #250 or any 2-1/2"" button maker cuts a 2.920" diameter circle for button making.

This is a faster method than traditional "adjustable cutters" or quick cutters for circle cutting.

This machine is as good as new.  Has been used in the showroom. This slightly used circle cutter is tested, works fine and is hardly even marked.  Great deal!!

Used to punch graphics for 2-1/2" buttons. Final graphic cutting size 2.920" round.
Features of the Manual Graphic Punches
•All metal construction
•Clear visual centering
•Entire circumference punched at once
•Compact and light weight
•Requires very little physical force to operate

Slightly used clearance deal # 385676

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