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Everything for your 2-1/4" Badge-A-Minit or Badge-A-Matic Button Maker

 Complete sets of supplies for making pin-back buttons and other craft projects with the Badge-A-Minit Button Maker. BadgeAminit parts are also for Badge-A-Matic machines!

Use the drop down menus to choose the Badgeaminit product type and pack size (quantity) you want. Then we'll send you everything you need to make them! :)

Note: It is important to order your supplies from this page and not the regular 2-1/4" parts page, because the Badge-A-Minit machines require slightly different sized components.

All the 2-1/4" Button Sets below come complete with Mylar, Shell and Pin-back.

The 2-1/4" BAM machine is actually 2-3/8" and can make 2-3/8" pinback buttons, 2-3/8" peel n stick magnets, ceramic magnets, bulldog clips, and pocket mirrors.

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