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1 x 1" Square Standard Button Maker Machines and Start Up Kits

This is the smallest square button maker available.  There is no longer a graphic punch available for this size.  The manufacturer provides a die cutter for this product to cut out the button blanks.

This machine makes Pinbacks, Flatbacks and Magnets!

Kit Options

Option 1: The Button FUN KIT

The Button Fun Kit contains just the bare essential items you'll need to start experimenting with button making and is most suited to people who are only planning to make buttons for themselves, for fun, or at small gatherings.


  • Tecre Model #1010 hand press for making teeny tiny square or diamond buttons
  • Everything you need to make 500 x 1" mini square pins (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 1" Square Button Supplies when you run out.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty & Instructions
  • Design templates to help you create your artwork within the proper dimensions

NOTE: there is no graphic cutter available for this size.  You need a die cutter with this kit, so grab a good pair of scissors and a basket of patience to get through the tedious process of cutting artwork out by hand :) Have no time or patience? You can use our printing and cutting services

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