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4" Standard Button Maker Machines and Start Up Kits

Kit Options

Option 1: The Button MAKER KIT

This is the button press for huge 4 inch buttons! The Button Maker Kit comes complete with the 4" circle cutter to quickly and accurately cut out your artwork in the perfect circle size and shape, you will save a lot of time with this kit, while increasing your button making output and joy.


    • Tecre Model #400 hand press for making medium sized buttons and magnets.
    • Tecre Model #4560 Circle Cutter
    • Everything you need to make 1000 x 4" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 4" Button Supplies when you run out.
    • Manufacturer's Warranty & Instructions

      Option 2: JUST the Hand Press

      No kit, just the Tecre Model #400 hand press.

      Option 3: JUST the Circle Cutter

      No kit, just the Tecre Model #4560 Circle Cutter.

      The Model #4560 gives you the ability to cut your own paper or photos for 4" buttons for use with the Model #400 button machine. The circle cutter will cut perfectly sized and centered graphics every time.

      Circle Cutter features include:

      • All steel construction for durable service and long life
      • Circular template ensures easy visual positioning
      • Dual cutting wheels: on half turn completes the cut
      • Non-marring rubber feet hold cutter securely in place
      • Can cut multiple sheets
      • Light-weight design for ease of use
      • Four spring-loaded pins hold paper during cutting

      Dimensions: 10" x 8" x 4" - One piece weighs approximately 7.5 pounds

      Common Uses

      A 4" button is a very big button.  Exactly what you need to get noticed, and great for photo buttons!

      Model #400 produces standard 4" buttons and 4" magnets. To make a magnet simply assemble a button without a pin and apply an adhesive magnet.


      The Tecre #400 button maker is all metal construction with no plastic parts. Includes a 1yr warranty from the manufacturer.

      Size: 17.5" x 8" x 7", Weighs approximately 39 lbs.

      Use with optional Circle Cutter Model #4560

      Made in the U.S.A.


      The Tecre #400 machines use Standard 4" Button Supplies.
      Order online or call in with a credit card.

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