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Blank Pre-Cut Paper Circles for Buttons

Blank pre-cut circles are great for schools, workshops, fine artists, and button making groups who want to make one-of-a-kind hand drawn button art. The cutting is already done for you, so you save a lot of time (and money, if you're not ready to invest in a graphic punch). All you need are some simple drawing and colouring supplies (markers, pencils, coloured pencils, crayons) or go crazy and decorate your buttons with stickers : ) Sized to match your standard button maker exactly, these make a quick and easy art project for kids that will keep them enthralled for hours. NOTE: Badge-A-Minit buttons are not a standard size, but you can use standard pre-cut circles if you're not too worried about the design being perfectly centered. If you need exact B.A.M. sized circles, give us a call (but bear in mind that these will cost significantly more, as the cutting process is less efficient).

PRECUT circles available in:

Packs of 100, 500, or 1000

Colour choice of white, pastel colours, or bright colours

With or without a printed inner guide (a circle that shows the button artist where the edge of the finished button will be. All important aspects of the design, such as words, should be kept within that circle. The rest of the paper wraps around the back).

Checkout the article on the Button Guy Blog about button making workshops.

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