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The Best Gifts Aren't Things!

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Maybe what we need is an alternative Christmas!

Instead of buying things to give to your loved ones this holiday season, why not DO something for them? 

    - Make a promise with homemade coupons for special favors like a foot rub, cooking, cleaning, etc.

    - Write a poem, meaningful letter, story, song etc.

    - Create an adventure, such as a treasure hunt or a hike where there is perhaps a special surprise at the end

If you love the feeling of giving a physical thing, why not ...

     - Make something by hand

     - Boggle them with custom made puzzles, crosswords, etc.

     - Compile a book, scrapbook, storybook of memories

Read more ideas in "Gifts That Cost Nada" by Sarah Baron on Anonymous8 and other gift alternatives in Buy Nothing Christmas


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