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1-1/2" Standard Button Maker Machines and Start Up Kits


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Kit Options

Option 1: The Button FUN KIT

The Button Fun Kit contains just the bare essential items you'll need to start experimenting with button making and is most suited to people who are only planning to make buttons for themselves, for fun, or at small gatherings. Ideal for DIY craft projects.


  • Tecre Model #150 hand press for making buttons and magnets.
  • Everything you need to make 500 x 1.5" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 1-1/2" Button Supplies when you run out. 
  • Manufacturer's Warranty & Instructions

NOTE: there is no circle cutter with this kit, so grab a good pair of scissors and a basket of patience to get through the tedious process of cutting artwork out by hand :) Have no time or patience? You can use our printing and cutting services or, if you're going to make more than a couple hundred buttons per year, you might want The BUTTON BASICS kit.

Option 2: The Button BASICS KIT

Get your button show on the road with do it yourself buttons! The Button Basics Kit is best for people who plan to make buttons for other people, as well as themselves (such as friends, clients, and/or community groups and events). Complete with the 1-1/2" graphic punch to quickly and accurately cut out your artwork in the perfect circle size and shape, you will save a lot of time with this kit, while increasing your button making output and joy.


  • Everything from The BUTTON FUN Kit
  • Tecre Model #1837 Graphic Punch (blade-less punch style circle cutter)

Option 3: The Button BUSINESS KIT

Put your best button forward with the Button Business Kit! Ideal for people who are serious about making buttons AND money.


  • Everything from The BUTTON BASICS Kit
  • An extra set of 500 button parts (for a total of 1000)
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Button Maker Tune Up

Option 4: The Button SCHOOL KIT
This kit is designed specifically for schools with both the students AND teachers in mind, with more than 500 designs helpful to educators with button designs relevant to bullying, school election buttons and a variety of issues relevant for schools.  1.5" is a popular size for crafts and displaying hand made art in a small form, and the buttons are big enough to be seen (particularly useful for name tags on backpacks, lunch bags, etc.) and drawn/coloured on but small enough to not get in the way if you're wearing them every day. School DIY craft projects.

NOTE: there is no circle cutter with this kit, because kids are totally cool with grabbing a pair of scissors. But, you can always order a graphic punch later, if you find yourself doing most of the cutting or you can use our printing and cutting services.


  • Tecre Model #150 hand press for making buttons and magnets.
  • Everything you need to make 500 x 1.5" pin-back buttons (shells, mylar, and pinned backs). You can order more 1-1/2" Button Supplies when you run out. 
  • Pre-Made Art Book with 500+ school themed designs in full colour and black-and-white (for colouring). You can photocopy the pages to make as many buttons as you like (and keep your book alive longer) or rip them out and start making buttons on the spot!  Some of the themes include:
  • 1000 x 1.5" Blank Pre-Cut Circles for kids to draw their own designs at school functions, fairs, workshops, art class, etc.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty & Instructions

Option 5: JUST the Hand Press

No kit, just the Tecre Model #150 hand press.

Option 6: JUST the Graphic Punch

No kit, just Tecre Model #1837 Graphic Punch.

Common Uses

1.5" is one of the more unusual button sizes, and a great size and shape for key-chains and fridge magnets!

For magnets, the additional design space gives you more options for how many words and pictures you can fit on the design and, if using ceramic magnets, the bigger magnet size makes for a much stronger magnet than the 1" and 1.25" sizes. Peel n Stick magnets, however, use the same size and strength magnets as the 1-1/4" button press.

For key chains, 1.5" is ideal because it's big enough to easily see and small enough to keep your pockets clutter free : )


The Tecre #150 button maker is all metal construction (no plastic parts), makes a number of different products (pin back buttons, ceramic and peel n stick magnets, as well as a variety of versaback products such as zipper pulls and keychains). Includes a 1yr warranty from the manufacturer.

Size: 10" x 3" x 6". Weight: approximately 7.5 lbs

Use with optional Graphic Punch Model #1837

Made in the U.S.A.


The Tecre #150 machines use Standard 1-1/2" Button Supplies.
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