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Vintage Book Pages - Craft Item, Make Upcycled Buttons and More!

Get crafty with these fun vintage book pages taken from a variety of vintage books. 

These pages were saved from hardcover books we use to make our upcycled notebooks and sketchbooks. We used these pages to make upcycled items like buttons, coasters, mirrors and fridge magnets.

We had so many interesting pages that we couldn't possibly make that much stuff. So we packed them up and have been selling them in our Toronto store. Our in store customers love to purchase them too so we always have to restock!

Pages can be as old as 100 years. With a variety of images and texts, but clean, unripped pages have been chosen because of their interesting content. 

Product Specifications:

  • Packets contain approximately 50 pages.
  • Different sizes and paper types.
  • Some colour images, but most are black and white. 

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