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1 inch button parts, keyring

1" Button Versabacks

Convert 1" buttons into key chains or zipper pulls using a snap in versaback.  A versa back is a black plastic button part that snaps into the back of a 1" collet and replaces the lock pin.  Once the versa back is inserted it is a permanent and secure back with a 1/8" hole extending out from the back of the button.  Attach split rings, key chains or zipper pulls through the hole to add functionality to your 1" buttons.  

 1 inch button parts, versa back


 Split ring Keyring, Versaback

Split Ring Keyring with Plastic Tab Versaback. 
(Split Rings are too big for 1" button versabacks and require the use of a plastic tab).


mini split rings, zipper pulls, 1 inch buttons

Mini Split Ring and Zipper Pull Versabacks


snap hook keychain, chain keychain

Snap Hook and Chain Keychain Versabacks


** Versabacks are also available for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" buttons - Happy Button Making!!


graphic punch

Button Making: Tecre Graphic Punches

Is it time to invest in a graphic punch for button making - we think so (it will cut your time in half). Graphic punches are used to cut out graphics, paper or photos for button making and are a faster method than traditional "adjustable cutters", scissors or quick cutters.  Tecre graphic punches are of all metal construction, have clear and easy visual centering, are compact and light-weight and require very little force to operate.  And an added bonus is that these graphic punches come with a manufacturer's life-time warranty and are useful for all sorts of fine-art related projects.


Cutting Paper Circles and Blank Paper:

cutting paper circles


 Cutting Custom Button Artwork:

 cutting button artwork


Cutting Magazine Images to make Buttons:

magazine image buttons


Cutting Patterned Paper to make Buttons:

patterned paper buttons

Remember to cut your paper, photos, magazine images or custom button artwork into strips so that they fit to the graphic punch. We carry graphic punches for all sizes of button making.   For a complete list and pricing click here.  Happy Button Making!

paper circle cutting


oldies but goodies...

Jul 03 2013

Vintage Button, Girl Guides buttons

Vintage Girl Guide Cookies Button - Pretty Sweet :)

fluorescent buttons 

Fluorescent 7/8" Buttons

Fluorescent buttons stand out but as we all know, printing fluorescent color can be next to impossible.  I decided to experiment using fluorescent paper and print my artwork on clearacetate, which is available in both Matte or Gloss and in various thicknesses.  Acetate also eliminates the need for using mylar.  It is fun to experiment with printing different colors on the acetate and see how they appear when pressed on top of the fluorescent paper or other colored paper (see example below).


I just wanted to add that we supply both metal and magnetic bottle openers for 2-1/4" button making machines.  The benefit of using the black plastic bottle opener is that it has a magnet insert which allows you to store it on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces. Both the metal and plastic magnetic bottle openers can accommodate key rings.

New Pastel Circles...

Jun 14 2013

Pre-Cut Paper Circles, Button Making 

Pre-Cut Paper Circles for Button Making in New Pastel Paper!

Event buttons, performance buttons 

Custom Event Buttons for #RightBesideYou

Check out Right Beside You - an evening of performance presented by poet David Delisca and IFreeCan on Sunday, June 16 at  The Drake Hotel (doors open at 7pm and show starts at 8pm) The evening will feature poetry and story-telling, humor, live music and much, much more including special guest performers.  For more details, please see below:

#RightBesideYou  Facebook Event

#RightBesideYou Twitter

David Delisca  Facebook

David Delisca website

IFreeCan website  

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