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Button Making, Fan Expo
People Power Press and Button Making in full swing at Toronto's 2013 Fan Expo
Button Making Supplies, Pin-back Button Parts
We brought plenty of Button Making Supplies to the event.  Pin-back Button Parts, Button Makers, Graphic Punches AND Button Vending Machines to show hundreds of Fan Expo attendees how to make buttons.         

fan expo, button maker, graphic punches
Our aim was to inform people of how buttons are made and what shapes and sizes are available.  We brought along many sizes of our Button Making Machines and Graphic Punches for people to try out.
Button Vending Machines, People Power Press
We also brought along our Button Vending Machines.
A Fan Expo attendee giving the Button Vending Machine a whirl.
Erin Cooper, Button Makers, People Power Press
People Power Press Button Makers getting Button Supplies ready to please the masses...
pre-cut circles for button making
Pre-cut Paper Circles ready to be drawn on for Button Making.
button vending machine
Our shop looked great - the button vending machines really spiced things up!
comic artist, fan expo
Comic Artist Mike Gagnon sat in with us drawing people as action heroes.
Button Making, Fan Expo
"I'm really into my work" - Button designing at Fan Expo
people power press, fan expo
Watching an aspiring button designer do his thing.
button making booth
The button-making booth is a smash at Fan Expo.
creative button making
Fan Expo attendees getting creative at the People Power Press booth.
Button Making Machine
One of our button making machines in action. Once this guy is pressed, there's no turning back.
fan expo, people power press
Just another day at the office? A really big office, full of fans, that is.
making buttons, fan expo
People of all ages were having fun making buttons and learning about the Button Making Process.  It was a great success.
Fan Expo 2013 Toronto, People Power Press
We'll see you again next year, Fan Expo!

I Hate Todd, Fundraising Buttons, Custom PackagingI Hate Todd Fundraising Buttons with Custom Packaging.

Local Toronto Band I Hate Todd is filming their first music video for their soon to be released single "Zombie Love" and they need Zombies (and crew).  For more information or to be a part of their video check them out on Facebook.  Plus a $5 donation gets you an exclusive, limited “zombie” edition I Hate Todd fundraising button with the proceeds helping toward funding the video.

Sounds like a great cause for getting your Zombie on!!

Website: www.ihatetodd.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IHateToddmusic

Want to be in the "Zombie Love" video? : http://allevents.in/events/ZOMBIES-I-Hate-Todd-needs-YOU-for-a-music-video/463856917044462

button supplies

Pancho! taking a break with some Button Supplies at the People Power Press Button Factory.

Put your button sales on automatic!  Use a simple machine that safeguards your art and collects the cash for you.  Whilst your sleeping, in the bath, in the bar.  I mean it! Earn money while you sleep with your custom button designs.


Custom Button Vending Machine

 Custom Buttons in a Button Vending Machine - Simple but effective!

What a Great Idea!  Sell your own custom buttons in a Button Vending Machine.  Our shop is currently loaded up with everything to get you started: Let someone (or something) else do the selling whilst you are creating your art.  Stay in creative mode whilst the business side takes care of itself.  Use a simple button vending machine to sell your designs.

Remember those bubblegum machines when you were a kid?  Well this is the same but it's not for selling gum.  It's a machine for turning your designs into cash. A custom button vending machine for your art and designs - it's personal!

Checkout this link.  You can order just a machine or you can order a machine already filled with your designs in capsules ready to go. Put your custom button sales on automatic.

You choose the sale price: 25 cents to $2.  You choose button quantity 1 - 3.  You choose button, magnet, key-chain, but don't forget to include your business card and a special offer or two.  The silent salesman will still be working for you.

If you've got good designs, we've got good button vending machines to sell them.

 bubblegum capsules

We stock three different styles of Button Vending Machines and two different sized Capsules for your Custom Buttons. 

Please see website for more details!


 Nature Buttons, Nature Canada, Custom Buttons

Lac Deschênes - Ottawa River Important Bird Area Guardian of Nature Custom Buttons!


 Lac Deschênes Ottawa River Important Bird Area (IBA) is one of 600 sites across Canada recognized internationally for its importance to birds. However this IBA is particularly interesting because it is found along the Ottawa River right in the heart of the National Capital region. This site is a significant resting spot for migrating waterbirds and there is always something interesting to see along the Ottawa River.

Nature Canada calls this site Naturehood and they are working to connect Ottawa and Gatineau residents to the nature in their own backyard. These “Guardian of Nature” buttons will be a great way to engage youth in the Naturehood program by proclaiming them an “official Guardian of Nature.” 


For more information, please visit:

Lac Deschênes Ottawa River:




Nature Canada:



Rosette Buttons

Jul 29 2013

Rosettes are used for many purposes; they are great for events or as reward buttons, award buttons and as tokens of appreciation.  These rosettes are hand-made in Canada and have a soft, full, plush feel and are of excellent quality.  And now you can make your own!!

rosette buttons

Rosettes:  A button related specialty


horse show button

Horse Show Buttons with Rosette


employee award buttons, employee award rosette

Employee Award Buttons with Rosette


reward buttons, reward rosette

Reward Buttons with Rosette


We stock both 3" and 4" diameter rosettes.  The 3" rosettes have ribbons that hang bellow.  Both sizes can accommodate up to a 2-1/4" sized button.  To make a rosette you need a button maker and prong back button parts: a shell, mylar, a prong back and a plastic back pin-back. In smaller sizes (1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2") you use a centre hole back and stick the brad prong pin.  Don't worry, when you order rosettes the parts come complete.

 prong back button parts, rosette

 Rosette with Prong Back Button Parts: For 1-3/4", 2" and 2-1/4" Buttons

centre hole button parts, rosette

 Rosette with Center Hole Prong Back Button Parts: For 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Buttons

 To make a rosette button you first need to make your prong back button or center hole prong back button using your button maker.  Next push the prongs through the cardboard holes of the rosette and then through the center hole of the black plastic pin-back.  Flatten the prongs to hold the rosette onto the button. We stock rosettes in white, red and blue but they are available by special order in 50 different colours.  Special order colours may take up to 4 weeks to ship but stock colours will ship the same day. 

prong back button parts, rosette

Come One Come All!

Get your exclusive Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show buttons this weekend at Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto.

Just as Adrian for one!

Alternatively, you could also get a bike, bring yours in for repair, or just geek out with all us fun bike loving people.

The show, organized by the Community Bicycle Network was launched in 2012 and is the CBN’s featured event.

It runs from 12-5pm on July 28th, 2013 : )

See you there!

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