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Machine Tune-Ups and Maintenance Services May 10 2016

Every once in a while your trusty hand press might benefit from a bit of TLC.

People Power Press can help you keep that machine in tip-top condition with our maintenance services :) If your machine needs a little more than a simple tune-up, there is also advanced maintenance available

If you want to try to do a machine tune-up on your own, we have resources for that too! Check out this comprehensive video showing you how to maintain your machine.



Below is a checklist that's a great reference if you're attempting a tune-up on your own.  The machine diagram below will help you figure out where all of the parts are on your machine:

  • Check, lubricate and tighten top bolts & shim - silicon spray
  • Check Lubricate and tighten handle - silicon spray
  • Lubricate beveled edge on crimp die - silicon stick
  • Lubricate top die - silicon stick
  • Lubricate between die table and base plate - lithium grease
  • Check and tighten brass bolts and flat head bolts on underside of base plate


Next time your machine is in need of a tune-up feel free to get in touch :) We can help you place an order for maintenance services, or guide you through any tune-up troubles you may experience!



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New Product Launch! Lyric Videos & Custom Button Bundles May 05 2016

Buttons and bands have always been a great pairing. That's why we are launching a really neat new product: Lyric Videos and Custom Button Bundles!

There are five different styles of videos to choose from, and with each video you are able to select the size (1", 1-1/4", or 1-1/2") and quantity (100, 250, 500, or 1000) of custom band buttons you would like with it!




If you're on a budget, the above Ticker Tape or Notebook style video may by the style for you. With either style of video, if you order 1000 band buttons we throw in the Lyric Video for free :) Pretty awesome, eh?

If those styles don't float your boat, no problem! We offer three other Lyric Video styles which can be seen below:







So if you're in a band and need a video and some merch, we hope these Lyric Videos & Custom Button Bundles are exactly what you're looking for :)

If you have any questions about this new product, send us an email or give us a call and we would love to chat with you about our groovy new product!



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Come on In and Make-A-Button May 03 2016

If you are looking for a fun place to take your little one, or even a place to come yourself with some friends, the Make-A-Button table is where it's at!

Make-A-Button, make a button at People Power Press, 2-1/4" pinback buttons, star button, peace button, people power press

We supply the paper, markers, pens, pencils, and crayons so you have everything you need to draw your own masterpiece, or colour in a pre-made design! You don't even have to stay inside the lines :)

and once you're done it's time to get button pressing!

All of our lovely staff are Make-A-Button experts. We would be happy to press the button for you, or walk you through how to do you on your own :)


Make-A-Button is a great gift for your friends, loved ones, or yourself! You can make 1 button for $5, 5 for $10 ($2 per button) or 20 for $20 ($1 per button)

Can't make them all at once? No problem, we'll give you a punch card and you can come back to finish them later :)

Make-A-Button, Make-5-Buttons, Make-A-Button Pre-Paid Punch Card, Make-A-Button at People Power Press, 2-1/4" pinback buttons,                 Make-A-Button, Make-20-Buttons, Make-A-Button Pre-Paid Punch Card, Make-A-Button at People Power Press, 2-1/4" pinback buttons,

If that doesn't float your boat, we also offer Make-A-Button Kits! Each kit includes artwork and button supplies to make 5 complete buttons. Once your artwork is done just stop by the shop and use one of our machines! 

We hope to see you in the shop sometime Making-A-Button, and making fun memories to boot!



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What Magnet is Best For You? May 02 2016

"I should try making magnets instead of pinback buttons."

If you're a button maker, this phrase has probably crossed your mind before. It's easy to say, but when it comes down to it, branching out from pinback buttons to the world of magnets can be a little overwhelming.

Below is a bit of information about each type of magnet that we carry: Peel n' Stick Magnets, Ceramic Magnets, and Rare Earth Magnets. Each type is used / made in a different way. Being aware of the differences will make it super easy to select what magnet is best for your project!


Peel n' Stick Magnets


Peel n' Stick Magnets for Button Making, Peel n' Stick Magnets by People Power Press, Everything for Peel n' Stick Magnets,

- Pressed like a regular pinback button, but use a flatback instead of a pinned back. After the button is pressed, the magnet is placed on like a sticker at the end.     

- Best for holding up 1-3 pieces of paper on the fridge.

- Available for making magnets in the following sizes:

ROUND: 7/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 3", and 3-1/2"

SQUARE: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2", 2" x 2", and 3" x 3"

RECTANGLE: 1-3/4" x 2-3/4", 2" x 3", 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", and 1-1/2" x 4-1/2"



Ceramic Magnets



Ceramic Magnets, Ceramic Magnets for Button Making, Everything for Ceramic Magnets, Ceramic Magnets by People Power Press,

- Unlike the Peel n' Stick, the Ceramic Magnet uses a collet to hold the magnet inside the button shell. It's made like a 1" Lock Pin Button, but the magnet is placed INSIDE the collet before pressing.

- Can hold up to 10 pieces of paper on the fridge.

- Available for making magnets in the following sizes:

ROUND: 7/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2-1/4"


Rare Earth Magnets


Rare Earth Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets for Button Making, Rare Earth Magntes People Power Press,

- Rare Earth Magnets are not intended for making "fridge magnets."

- To be used as a pinback alternative, allowing one to wear a button without putting a hole in their clothing. 

- Used in combination with flatback buttons, and placed on the INSIDE of clothing to hold the button on.

- Available in the following sizes: 1/4" x 1/8", 1/2" x 1/8", 3/4" x 1/8", and 1" x 1/8"



With this teeny bit of product knowledge, selecting the best magnet for you will now be easy-peasy! Added bonus: With all of these newly acquired magnet facts, you'll be a hoot at parties :)

Happy Magnet Making Everyone!



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Flashback Friday with some Button Classics April 29 2016

Happy Friday Buttoneers!

We're super lucky to have gotten our hands on some truly classic pinback buttons. Why keeps these gems to ourselves when we can share them with all of you? :)

I Love New York Button, Smiley Face Button, Retro Pinback Buttons, The History of Buttons

I Love New York: Designed by Milton Glaser. Smiley Face: Designed by Harvey Ball

The iconic "I Love New York" and Smiley Face designs are both instantly recognizable and evoke feelings of a groovier time. Put these designs on a pinback button, and you get a perfect little slice of retro goodness.

 Have an awesome weekend!



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Dura-Lar: Mylar's Fancy Cousin April 20 2016

If you make your own buttons, you probably know that mylar is an important part of the button making process.

Did you know that there's an alternative to Mylar that can add a little pizazz to a traditional pinback? This magical material is called Dura-Lar and you should TOTALLY give it a try :)

Dura-Lar is a Mylar substitute that you can print onto directly. The finished products vary depending on how you chose to use the Dura-Lar, but in this case, it was used to produce stunning, super shiny buttons! Dura-Lar can be printed on in almost any laser printer.

All of the colours you see are printed directly onto the Dura-Lar, and the metallic silver, is actually just the shell of the button. 

If you prefer neon or pastel colours over a metallic finish, we have a great selection of pre-cut paper circles. When used underneath Dura-Lar the colours really pop!

Are sparkles more your thing? Check out THESE little guys made with Dura-Lar and gift wrap. they are sure to add a little glimmer to your day!



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Events, and Parties, and Trade Shows, oh my! April 11 2016

Here at the button store we put a little bit of button magic into everything we do.

Do you want to make your next event super special? We would love to help you put on a fun-filled Button Birthday Party, Event, or Workshop.

 People Power Press Storefront, Button Making Workshops, Events, Button Birthday Parties.

Birthday Parties

Throw an awesome Button Birthday for a super special kid (or kid at heart!) Whether you would like to rent our space, rent a machine, or have us come to you, our button making experts will ensure a great time is had by all!

If you have something specific in mind, just let us know and we will put together an awesomely unique party experience for you and your button making guests.


We can help you turn any event into an interactive button making extravaganza! We can work with you to create anything from custom button artwork, to craft activities to keep the youngsters busy.

Trade Shows

Create low-cost, high visibility promotional products for your next trade show or promotional event. A unique button giveaway is a sure-fire way to make you the talk of the trade show!

Photo Button Booths

Take a photo on site, and we can turn it into a button on the spot. It's a great way to add some fun to corporate events, and is a blast at weddings too!

Get in Touch

Contact us at info@peoplepowerpress.org for more info about how to incorporate buttons into your next event!



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Buying a Button has Never Been More Fun! April 05 2016

If you're ever strolling around the west-end of Toronto, come by and say hello! We are the bubblegum pink building jam-packed with buttons :)

You can make-a-button, and if you aren't in the creative mood you don't have to leave empty handed!

Pay a visit to one of our lovely button vending machines (yes they are as cute as they sound). The buttons are all Toronto-themed because we love our city THAT much :)


Here's to Toronto. A super cool city, and home to our pretty delightful little button shop.




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Hope You Had a Hoppy Easter! March 28 2016

All of us here are the button store hope that your long weekend was fun and filled with family & friends, laughter, and happiness!

Oh yeah. And chocolate :)



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Kids' Lit Quiz: Fundraising with Buttons March 23 2016

Who said, "Nibble, nibble, like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house"?

If you said "The Witch in Hansel and Gretel," you're not only correct, but you might even have what it takes to hold your own in the Kids' Lit Quiz


What is Kids' Lit Quiz?

Kids' Lit Quiz is a literature competition for children ages 10 to 13. Quizzes take place in countries all over the world, like Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and South Africa just to name a few. Teams compete nationally, and the winners come together annually for the World Finals!

Wayne Mills, the founder of Kids' Lit Quiz is SUPER passionate a books. If reading was a sport, he would definitely be the #1 fan!

Here's Where the Buttons Come In:

Kids' Lit Quiz loves buttons too!

Every competitor gets a "Quiz Whiz" custom 2-1/4" button, and other custom buttons are sold to help raise money, as they are a charitable foundation.

The buttons started off in our shop in Toronto just a few weeks ago, and have already been to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Hamilton! Spreading the love of reading AND the love of buttons, yay!!


 Check out Kids' Lit Quiz Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogspot!



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Is There a Button Shell Stuck in my Machine? March 22 2016

Have you ever gotten a button part stuck in your machine?

It happens to the best of us, and can be really frustrating. However, there are a few tried and true techniques to getting that button part UN-jammed in no time!

Here is a great how-to video from The Button Guy that shows you how to un-jam that trusty hand-press.


Most machine jams will probably be the result of using a paper that is too thick, or putting more than 1 shell in the die. Though there are lots of different things that COULD jam a machine, these two scenarios are the most common.


Though this instructional video makes is super easy to un-jam your machine, its a lot easier to NOT get a machine jammed in the first place. Here's some tips on how to avoid a jam all together.

    1. The paper is too thick: The best paper to use for button making is your good ole' fashion printer paper. If you try and use paper of a heavier weight, you run the risk of getting the mylar, paper, and shell stuck in the top die when pressing your button. Stick with a paper that is around 28 Lbs and you should be golden!
    2. There were 2 shells smooshed together and it looked like there was only 1 shell: Sometimes the shells like to piggy-back on each other. Though that sounds kind of cute, this double shell will inevitably lead to a jam, or at the very least, a button than doesn't get crimped properly. If you think there may be two shells stuck together, just throw them against a hard flat surface. Industry secret: the floor works GREAT! The impact will make the shells come apart, no tools or elbow grease required!




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          March 22nd is World Water Day March 21 2016

          Saying that water is REALLY important is an understatement.

          That's why, in 1993, the United Nations designated March 22nd as World Water Day

          The purpose of this day is to educate people about water-related issues and inspire individuals to take action. We decided to take action ourselves by creating some custom 1-1/4" buttons that are all about water!

          Every year, World Water Day focuses on a different water-related issue. This year's theme, Water and Jobs, was chosen because many of the 1.5 billion people who work in water related fields aren't protected by basic labor rights.

          If you want to learn more about World Water Day, check out their website. It's full of SO MUCH amazing information including this great video!


          Official Trailer: World Water Day 2016 from unwater.org
          Concept: Walk This Way
          Production & illustrations: La Pompadour
          Music & Sound Design: Mooders


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          The Very First Button. Like, Ever. March 11 2016

          Buttons have been around for a long time. And by "long time" I mean since the late 1700's.

          The first "button" was used during the inauguration of George Washington in 1789. It looked like this:

          WI 24 A HERALDIC EAGLE WITH INVERTED TRIANGLES RJ Silverstein's Georgewashingtoninuguralbuttons.com O

          A few decades later in 1824, election buttons hit the scene during the campaign of John Quincy Adams against Andrew Jackson.


          Back then, campaign buttons look quite different from the buttons of today. Some main differences in the buttons of today vs. the buttons of yester-year include how the buttons are actually worn. In 1824, buttons were sewn onto clothing rather than just pinned on.

          Keep checking in on our Button Blog for more great posts every day :)

          If you can't wait to read more about the history of buttons, check out another great blog post we wrote a while ago!



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          This is What a Feminist Looks Like: Women's and Gender Studies at UWinnipeg March 09 2016

          Yesterday was International Women's Day, a day celebrating the achievements of women in the social, economic, cultural and political sphere.

          I am sure that everyone in the Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) Department at the University of Winnipeg celebrated the day by rocking one of these great custom buttons!

          The custom buttons were created for UWinnipeg's annual Open House event, and were designed by the mighty talented Erin Heroux, a Graphic Designer for  The University of Winnipeg.

          Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) is among more than 50 undergraduate programs available at UWinnipeg, and the department was looking for a way to stand out from the crowd at Open House 2016.

          Not surprisingly, the buttons were a massive hit :) Rumor has it that UWinnipeg is already coming up with new button designs to use in the future!

          Want to keep up with all the great stuff going on at UWinnipeg? Check out their Twitter, Facebook, and website!



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          Did You Know that The Button Guy is on YouTube? March 08 2016

          Last week we posted about Button Designer, a great free resource from The Button Guy.

          The Button Guy has yet another resource that goes beyond artwork, and touches on many aspects of the button making process: his very own YouTube channel.

          Whether you need to know how to use, make, fix, or design something button related, there is bound to be a video that can help you out!

          Here are just a few featured videos:

          HOW TO USE: HOW TO MAKE:

                  If you're looking for a "How To" video that isn't featured on this blog post, check out The Button Guy's full YouTube Channel!

                  If you check there, and your question still isn't answered, always feel free to Ask The Button Guy, or call into the shop for some over-the-phone assistance :)

                  Don't worry about asking us a question that you thing seems strange or silly. If it's button related, GO FOR IT! We love helping our customers have the best button making experience possible :) YAY!



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                  International Women's Day Buttons March 07 2016

                  Happy Monday button enthusiasts!

                  Tomorrow March 8th, is International Women's Day, a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

                  Here are just a couple of well known women who have made a hugely positive impact.


                  To learn more about International Women's Day, check out the official website, or take a pledge for gender equality.

                  If you are interested in creating your own custom buttons, we can help you out! Click here and make all of your button dreams come true!




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                  It's Cool to Recycle: Upcycled Notebooks are Here March 03 2016

                  Who would have thought that some old un-loved books could get a second chance at life? We believe that anything is possible, and we have proof. Take a look:

                  These books have been turned into some seriously cool notebooks and sketchbooks, ready for you to fill with whatever your heart desires.

                  All books are hardcover, coil bound, and use "Tree Free" recycled paper.

                  So whether you like retro books, sketching and writing, or just want to reduce your carbon footprint, we've got you covered.

                  These little beauties are available online and in store. If you're ever in The Junction, come on by and browse through our whole selection. And maybe make a button too :)



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                  Custom Buttons for our Friends at The Wedding Co. March 02 2016

                  February was a big month for weddings, and nobody knows this better than our friends at The Wedding Co.

                  The Wedding Co. is an awesome group of creative professionals who live and breath all things wedding! Not only do they make it SUPER simple and fun to plan every aspect of a couple's big day, they also ensure that the experience of planning is just as fantastic as the wedding day itself.

                  On February 21st, The Wedding Co. celebrated its 15th bridal show in Toronto, and it truly was a showstopper! Each of the exhibitors were even sporting a gorgeous custom button to identify themselves at the event. 

                  Custom Buttons By People Power Press for The Wedding Co.

                  If you're planning a wedding, or just like looking at gorgeous wedding things, you should definitely check out The Wedding Co. on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, and on their website!



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                  Button-Designer: Quick, Easy, and Free Online March 01 2016


                  PICTURE IT IF YOU WILL...

                  It's been a long day, and you still have a bunch buttons to design for that super important thing tomorrow.

                  Most people would start brewing that late-night cup of coffee, and get ready to hunker down for the long haul...

                  But not you! You head over to button-designer.com

                  WHAT IS BUTTON-DESIGNER?

                  It's a website that makes it really simple to whip together button designs. And best of all? It's freeeeeee :)

                  The website allows you to add an uploaded image, text, icons, etc. to a button template of any size. Once you're done, the button design is saved as a PDF print sheet, and is ready to be cut and pressed.



                  1. Go to www.button-designer.com

                  2. Create a Free Account

                  3. Select the size of button you are going to design. We carry the button parts and presses for ALL sizes that button-designer offers.


                  4. If you would like to upload an image, Click on "Image Upload" and select your file.

                  5. Click on any element of the button that you wish to change. For example, to change the maple leaf icon, click the icon on the button template.

                  6. Use the check boxes to turn off the elements you don't want or turn on the elements you do want.

                  7. Click and drag to move the elements on the button face.

                  8. Once you're happy with the button design, click the save button. To view the buttons you have saved, go to the button gallery. From there you can print a single button, or create print sheets of one OR multiple designs! 


                  9. Make your buttons

                  10. Wear you button proudly and get many high-fives and compliments! 



                  If you are ordering custom buttons from People Power Press, you can use the Online Button-Designer to create the artwork. All you need to do is provide us with your user name and the image title :) We will retrieve your artwork and produce your custom order!





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                  Nothing Counts on Leap Day: Custom Buttons for February 29th February 29 2016

                  Happy Monday everyone :)

                  This is an extra special Monday, Indeed. A day that comes only once every 4 years...

                  That's right, it's a Leap Year!!

                  Put aside the responsibilities of real life and live today to the fullest. After all, nothing counts on Leap Day.

                  Custom Buttons in celebration of Leap Day, February 29, 2016.

                  Of course, here at People Power Press, Leap Day is a perfect reason to make Custom Buttons! If you want to learn more about February 29th, take a look at some Leap Day Customs and Traditions.

                  Real life will resume tomorrow, March 1st.

                  Why does the extra day fall in February?

                  All the other months in the Julian calendar have 30 or 31 days, but February lost out to the ego of Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus.

                  Under his predecessor Julius Caesar, Feb had 30 days and the month named after him - July - had 31. August had only 29 days.

                  When Caesar Augustus became Emperor he added two days to 'his' month to make August the same as July.

                  So February lost out to August in the battle of the extra days.

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                  Black History Month February 16 2016

                  black history month

                  Let's celebrate black history month this through buttons! A great way to show recognition towards current and past African Canadians that make and have made great contributions in art, culture, public service, politics and human rights.

                  Toronto itself has so many talented musicians that contribute to music history while helping Toronto's reputation grow stronger. drake, shad, all-star

                  Drake whom was given a key to the city a few days ago, also helped host one of the most important sports events this weekend here in Toronto; the NBA all-star games. It attracted so many tourists including all sorts of celebrities and gave our residents opportunities to participate in local events and entertainment.

                  The Weeknd whom was nominated for 7 Grammys, preformed and brought home a Grammy for Best R&B Performance.

                  Rapper Shad (not originally from Toronto) took over Q on CBC Radio in 2015, and is still  somehow finding the time to create music.

                  andre degrasse

                  21 year old Andre De Grasse  a GTA born athlete has been claimed to be the fastest man in Canada and won the 2015 Pan Am 100m and 200m.

                  Willie O’ree from fredericton, was the first black player in the NHL with the Boston bruins in 1957-58.

                  George Dixon also known as “Little Chocolate” from Halifax, was the first black world boxing champion in any weight class and first ever Canadian born boxing champion.

                  Also a reminder on an interesting article that came out a couple years ago on Albert Jackson, a child slave who fled to Canada on the underground railroad was to become the city of Toronto’s first black letter carrier in 1882.

                  Thanks to those important brave figures from the past, we have all kinds of young talented people shaping and making our future!


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                  Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day <3 February 08 2016

                  It's almost Valentines day, and everyone here at People Power Press hope you have the happiest one yet!

                  If you "don't really DO Valentine's Day" but have a special someone in your life, we've got just the thing for you!

                  Come by the shop and take a look at our super cute "Sorry, Valentine" button collection.

                  These sassy little buttons are a great way to begrudgingly participate in all the Valentine's hype.They're just the right amount of "salty" to balance out all of the "sweet."

                  Available in packs of 4 assorted buttons ($5.00), or as single button Valentine's cards ($2.00)!

                  Wishing you a Valentine's Day full of love and happiness <3 <3 <3


                   Keep up with all of the cool stuff we are doing around the shop! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

                  Do you have something great you want to put on a button? Here is how you can get custom buttons of your very own!


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                  Button of the Week: Go Raptors Go! February 03 2016

                  We love our Toronto sports teams around here, especially when they are playing well.

                  The Blue Jays gave us a great summer and fall and now the Toronto Raptors are killing it on the court.

                  So, just like our Jays buttons, we wanted to make some buttons to show our love for the Raptors and celebrate their record-breaking success.

                  And what a year to be going hard - in a few weeks the city will play host to the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

                  Oh and we have to share the video because it is awesome and these two guys will be playing together for the game.

                  How can you not be excited? #WeTheNorth all the way.



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                  DIY Project: Mystery Series Pocket Mirrors January 31 2016

                  We love books around here. We love to read them and normally wouldn't condone taking them apart, but we're going to make an exception with our latest craft project.

                  The thing is, we have all these great looking books in the shop that we use to make our upcycled notebooks. But the pages inside don't always get to be reused.

                  Well, we've found the perfect way to salvage some of the pages from old vintage books - Mystery Series Pocket Mirrors!
                  pocket mirror

                  If you have some old books or magazines, you can do the same. Parts for mirrors can be purchased on the same page where you order your button supplies.

                  As with any artwork you put in your button maker, just make sure the pages aren't so thick they will jam your machine. Then cut, press and carry.

                  And the images from these old books get to tell a story in a whole new way.

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