A new button store opening in Montreal. Custom Buttons galore in Montreal September 17 2014

After more than 2 years established in Quebec we have had our best year yet in 2018.  As a thank you to our customers we are giving a simple $20 off (Call it free shipping) any order that is going to a Quebec address.  Any order (over $100) for custom buttons, button machines or button parts gets $20 discount.

Use discount code: Quebec2016thankyou$20 at checkout.  Order at PeoplePowerPress

Custom Buttons Quebec discount coupon

Great news for  all button makers and button people in Montreal.  Nic from The BUTTON SHOP is open in Montreal too.  Checkout Nic's website:

The Button Store

Nic is possibly the best button maker I know but we never did have the button making Olympics we planned to see who really is the best.  He's making custom buttons right there in Montreal and he is a very experienced button maker who can help and advise on any button making project.  Ontario has had a button store for some time, in Toronto, but this is the first button store I have heard of in Quebec. He is stocking button makers, button machines and button parts right there in Ville-St-Laurent very close to the Du College Metro Station in Montreal.

This is what the store looked like in August 2014 but this closed and is now in the downtown. 

New Button Store opening in Montreal

New Button Store opening in Montreal

Yes I don’t see a button shop either.  But this was Google street view, it’s always out of date!

The new store was the one with the “Bieres” sign and next time I’m in Montreal I’m going to swing by and see how Nic is doing.  I will provide a new update with the current picture soon.  In the meantime lets support the Montreal Button Shop.

If your placing an order let Nic know you got his contact from The Button Guy.

The Button Shop