Vaccination Buttons - Vaccinated and Proud of it! February 11 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is entering year 2 and we all look forward to life as we once new it.  In a survey by the CBC today 66% of Canadians believe advice from doctors is reliable and they trust the vaccine and will get the innoculation as soon as it is available.  That's a good thing if we are to achieve herd immunity and want to return to normal as soon as possible. I doubt the post Covid world will be the same as life before covid but whatever it has in store for us I want to get there ASAP. 

Design your own Covid-19 vaccination buttons here  Go to the green "customize" button and start designing.

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Normally speaking I would not be a member of the 66% with total faith in Government, the health care system and big pharma. There are unfortunately too many good reasons to mention. Remember Thalidomide? What about US vaccination programs in Pakistan; really designed to gather DNA information to find Osama Bin Laden (and this was under Obama, imagine what Trump would be capable of doing). And most recently the opioid crisis with the first big pharma company, Purdue Pharma, admitting criminal responsibility and going into liquidation to avoid paying 8.3 billion in damages. A number of other larger pharma companies will be paying out over the coming years. They will pay and of course avoid admitting responsibility. I am not sure that paying a small fraction of their multi billion dollar profits is really justice for the devasted lives caused by the way they marketed OxyContin.  I think some prison sentences would be more applicable. 

But back to the point:  Despite my reservations I see no alternative. We need big pharma to make a vaccine that works and we need to innoculate the world against Covid-19 before it mutates into something more virulent.  Or before the economic damage ends up causing more death and suffering than the pandemic itself.  So I will get the vaccine when my turn comes and I will wear my vaccinated button with pride despite my reservations about Governments, Health Care Systems and Big Pharma.  I don't see any other choice.

I think this blog post sums it up: Vaccinated and Proud Buttons! Vaccination Badges.

Vaccinated Button - Beat Covid-19

Design your own Covid-19 vaccination buttons here  Go to the green "customize" button and start designing.

or: order your vaccinated and proud of it buttons here.  Take a look at our vaccinated and proud of it designs.