Looking for Covid-19 Social Distancing Media - Prepare for re-opening! May 30 2020

Google has many a useful website to help you identify symptoms of stress so I’m going to skip that stage and assume every one of us is facing a unique stress landscape right now whether from the number, length and intensity of the stressors, from their unique quality (lock down, no child care), from the pervasiveness of existential challenges (pandemic, plagues, social unrest, recession/depression) or from  a wild and woolly combination of all of the above and then some. Some people began their stress odyssey in Week 1 with uniquely difficult, dangerous or exhausting personal journeys and spaces; some people have experienced stress as a distant drumbeat growing louder and closer with each passing week. However we got to Week 12 of lock down, we arrived with stress and tension and anxiety and concern, for ourselves, for our families and friends, for society, for the world.  And additional stress for re-opening our businesses. I have no crystal ball but if I may be so bold, I predict it will get worse before it gets better so we’d all better figure out how we’re going to manage re-opening.  I don't think there are any silver bullets, quick fixes or fast vaccines.  I think we are going to be suspended in uncertainty for quite a bit longer. We are going to get through this though and re-opening our businesses will require some planning and some Social Distancing Awareness Media:

Covid-19 Awareness media is available to assist with re-opening your business.  As business owners we need to instill confidence in our staff and customers.  Good covid-19 social distancing signage will speed the return to the new normal - whatever that means!  Order Covid-19 Awareness products.

Cartoon style covid-19 artwork

Our design team can provide templates for your Labels N Stickers or we can custom design decals, stickers and floor markers for your return to business.Social Distancing Floor Decal

Both Buttons and Magnets are also proving useful in the public awareness campaigns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.  We can assist with a complete set of Covid-19 media products tailored to your business.

6 feet social distancing sign

Order Covid-19 Awareness products.