Buttons for #REDforED Movement to Support Arizona Teachers Standing Up for Education May 03 2018

Teachers in Arizona are making headlines right now for walking off the job as part of the #REDforED movement. At publishing of this blog, they have been off the job for 6 days. 

arizona teachers buttons

We got to make these custom 1" buttons to support Arizona Educators United as educators and other citizens across the state take action to see real change in how the state funds education and how teachers are paid. 

Among some of the facts for those of us who didn't know:

  • Arizona teachers are among the lowest paid in the entire country.
  • Over $1 Billion has been cut from the education budget since the recession in 2008.
  • Over 2000 teaching positions are unfilled. 

If you would like to learn more about the #REDforED watch the video below. You can also visit the Arizona Educators United website for more resources and get clear steps for action. Arizona Educators United is a coalition of teachers, educational support workers, administrators and any else who cares about the state of education in Arizona.

You can show them your support and contact your government officials to make sure they know how you feel. Follow for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Not in Arizona? Then use their action to support your own action to stand for educators in your community and support quality education for your community's children. 

stand up for quality education

Wearing buttons has long been a way to show support for various causes. This #REDforED button provides a great example of a protest button design. Combining an old tried and true medium like buttons with the modern hashtag and bright colour, the message is clear and accessible for others to understand and share. 

If you are considering custom buttons as part of your toolkit of your cause or movement, please reach out to us to discuss what custom button options are available to you.