Flightnook Platform to Facilitate Using Cleaner Fuels for Air Travel | Custom Buttons Montreal November 12 2018

Climate change is a tough reality. It is happening so now the question is what are we going to do about it?

Flightnook is a Montreal company that is coming up with ways to help us make more sustainable choices when we fly. 

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The popularity of air travel continues to grow, so people are not going to stop flying, but Flightnook is a non-profit venture that wants to change how we fly to reduce climate change and exploitation. They are creating a platform that will allow people to calculate the cost of their flight choices and to be able to pay to support a move to use cleaner fuel for flights. 

Flightnook is not asking us to stop flying, but to do our part to reduce our environmental impact when we do choose to fly. 

The Hummingbird Philosophy - Do Your Part Even if Small

The hummingbird in the Flightnook logo and on these custom logo pins we created for the Montreal company signifies their philosophy that while doing one's part may seem trivial, everyone's actions taken together can have a positive impact.

This is based on a story of a hummingbird carrying water in its beak to help put out a fire:

There is an Amerindian legend that says that one day a great forest fire took hold, all the animals were dismayed, helpless, except for the hummingbird that was going to take a few drops of water in its beak to throw it on the fire. The irritated armadillo said to the hummingbird: “You don’t really believe that you’re going to extinguish the fire with a drop of water?” And the hummingbird answers “I know, but I’m doing my part”.

You can find this story and more about their mission on the Flightnook website

Learn More About Flightnook and Get Involved!

Website: www.flightnook.com 
Twitter: @flightnook 
Facebook: @Flightnook

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