LGBTQ+ Pride Button Series - Made to Order Buttons May 16 2018

Every year Pride events across the country bring together the LGBTQ community and its allies to celebrate, and those celebrations continue to grow. 

We make a lot of custom buttons for Pride events across North America and are now happy to introduce our very own LGBTQ+ Rights Button Series.

toronto pride buttons

These pin designs are the latest installment in our growing People Power Press Social Justice Merchandise Collection. To date this collection of social justice merch also includes designs to support Women's Empowerment and Anti-Racism.

These pins are available in 6 different designs in 2 sizes with 2 different coloured backgrounds to choose from. They are available in 1-1/4" Blue and 1-1/4" White or 2-1/4" Blue and 2-1/4" White.

pride pins canada pride parade merchandisesupport lgbtq+ rights ontario

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While larger cities may have better established Pride organizations, we understand that smaller communities and groups may be operating with smaller teams and budgets or just getting off the ground. These new designs can made to order to support Pride festivities in your communities. So you can resell the designs as a fundraiser or just hand them out as giveaways. We can also add your logo or organizations website to these designs to make them yours and direct others to find out more about you!

We've made things easy by creating a number of designs you can use to make buttons, stickers or any other custom product we make and we are one of the few high production button shops that have no order minimum so you can order as many or as few buttons as you'd like. 

These buttons can be purchased as an individual wanting to show their support and express themselves or can be ordered in larger quantities to be used by organizations at Pride events or throughout the year. Use them as part of your fundraising efforts or just hand them out at your events or to employees in the workplace to promote LGBTQ+ rights

Please contact us today about how these buttons can support LGBTQ+ rights in your communities and share the message of love.  And we will also, of course, make Pride buttons with your own custom design.