Join Robot Field Tests this Summer with Bowie and Robot Missions | Custom Buttons Ottawa July 16 2018

Have you ever seen a robot in action? If you would like to while also helping the environment, you can head over to Ottawa's Westboro Beach to take part in a great citizen science project. Robot Missions will be running Field Tests throughout the summer with Bowie the Robot to clean up the beach.

All members of the community and visitors to the area are invited to participate. No experience is needed. This is also a great introduction for children to see robots in action in a very purposeful way.

custom buttons ottawa

We love making more custom 1-1/2" round buttons and custom 1-1/2" square buttons that feature Bowie the Robot and the Catalyst Pod to mark another set of Field Tests.

Robot Missions is the brainchild of inventor Erin Kennedy who wanted to use robots to create a social impact. The vision is for the robots (there multiple Bowies that have been made) to work autonomously to identify and clear debris from beaches and other areas. The robots have been made mostly with a 3D printer.

To date 250 people have participated in Robot Missions Field Tests and robots have collected 3.1 kilograms of debris.

These robots would give parks an automated way to clean parks with very little cost, while also accessing difficult areas of the park.

Current Field Test dates are in July and August. Sign up for one of the Field Test dates to take part in this great activity for all ages.

If you aren't in Ottawa this summer, you should still head over to the Robot Missions website or follow along on social media to see these robots in action and learn more about what Kennedy and partners are up to. You can see footage from the field tests and see what kind of debris they have picked up.

Such cool stuff!

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