Silhouettes Dance Company Gets Motivated University of Toronto Students a Place to Move | Custom Stickers Toronto September 04 2018

Well, it is back to school for some of us this week. 

Starting university is a big commitment that sometimes means ending or putting on hold other hobbies or activities while picking up the responsibilities of a new school schedule. 

There are a group of students at the University of Toronto who haven't wanted to give up their passion: dance. So they have created Silhouettes Dance Company, a performance-based company, to keep on dancing while also balancing their academic workload. 

This student-run group gets dancers of a variety of genres together to bond and continue training, with an original year-end performance as the culmination of their efforts throughout the school year. The year-end show usually happens in March before Spring exams. They also perform at various events throughout the community. 

Custom Bottle Opener Silhouettes Dance Company University of Toronto

The company is now getting ready for another great year of dance. They hold auditions in September be sure to follow them on social media for audition dates. So they had their logo put onto 1-inch custom stickers - and a 2-1/4" custom bottle opener! Who says you have to get custom buttons? 

This dance company, being entirely student-run, is always looking for help to fund their work. Donations and sponsors are welcome. You can contact them directly to find out more!

See what the Silhouettes Dance Company is up to online:

Instagram: @silhouettesdance 

YouTube: Silhouettes Dance Company Channel

Facebook: @silhouettesdancecompany