Trade Tariff Troubles: #BoycottUSA Buttons #BuyCanadian July 04 2018

Whether you’re for or against the movement, you’ve probably heard about the Canadian boycott on American goods in light of a Trump-Trudeau trade tariff scuffle.

Things took a turn for the worst at the G7 summit when Trump criticized Trudeau's comments for being “dishonest” and “weak.” The icing on the cake was when White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro said there was a “special place in hell” for our Prime Minister.

 boycott usa buttons

Hashtags have been popping up on social media too, urging Canadians to #BoycottUSProducts and #BuyCanadain. It definitely makes sense to “vote with your pocketbook,” but as a nation that has imported almost $100 Billion USD in 2018 alone, is a boycott really in the best interest of our country?

Some say yes, and have sworn off imports like Florida oranges and wine from California. Even daily staples like a Starbucks coffee is off the menu in favor of Canadian alternatives (Timmies anyone?).

This great article written by Maclean’s has a list of common American-made products and their accessible domestic alternatives.

Others believe that boycotting American products could be detrimental to the well- being of both Canada and the United States. Historically speaking, countries prosper when trade is flourishing, and history knows best, right?

The situation gets even more precarious because most American farmers are AGAINST the proposed tariffs and are all for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Are you partaking in the USA Boycott? If so, what kind of changes are you making to #BuyCanadian?

For the full story with all the details, check out this article by The Globe and Mail.