Up The Bloc Indoor Rock Climbing Destination | Custom Buttons Mississauga June 25 2018

If you have ever done rock climbing or are thinking of trying it out, you want to check out Up The Bloc, an amazing indoor rock climbing space in Mississauga, just west of Toronto. It is an awesome experience with a 11,000 square foot facility that contains over 5,000 square feet of climbing space.

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It has something for beginners, experts and everyone in between:

  • 8 bouldering curcuits
  • 120 + problems to keep you busy

What is really cool about this space is that Up The Bloc has been designed to be a community. You can sign up to be a member, they have a training area, a coffee/juice bar and wifi so you have space to hang out. There are events and they have a ton of great Up The Bloc merchandise.

up the bloc toronto rock climbing indoor

Which leads us to the latest custom 1.25" buttons we made for them. We love the colourful design so much and hope you do too. From the space down to these pins, the folks at Up The Bloc know great design and we are big fans.

Check them out to see what we mean:

Website: www.upthebloc.com
Facebook: @upthebloc
Instagram: @up_the_bloc
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/upthebloc