Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society July 05 2018

Pride events are continuing this summer across the country and our friends at the Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society (VLSCS) are going to be busy this July taking part in various Pride events across Vancouver Island.

victoria lesbian seniors support

Along with these bright 2.25" logo buttons, members from VLSCS will be at the Esquimalt Farmer's Market on July 5th and then will be at the Nanaimo, BC Pride Picnic on July 8th.

The group's tagline is "Amazing women doing amazing things!" and we'd have to agree. It is their mission to support the health and social needs of lesbians as they age. This work is meant to help ensure safe and accessible spaces for building community and enabling social interaction through social action and public education

If you would like to work with VLSCS, or find out more about the work they do - and stay on top of their full calendar of events - please do head over to their vibrant website.

You can also email them directly at