Vinyl Bumper Stickers by People Power Press November 03 2017

Why just share the road with other drivers, when you can also share your personality and opinions? Now it's easy to get your voice heard on the road, with the People Power Press Bumper Sticker Collection!

Baby on Board Vinyl Bumper Sticker Collection

Tell other drivers that you have a baby on board, or subtly let them know that you don't condone distracted driving! Be a little silly, or a bit political! It's your car, so anything goes :)

Vinyl Bumper Sticker Political Funny

If you don't have a vehicle in your life, that's ok! These stickers also look great on guitar cases, skateboards, tool boxes, and work cubicles.

Have your own phrase or image that you would LOVE to see on a sticker? Have some custom vinyl stickers made with your very own design! Take a look at all of the shapes and sizes of custom stickers we have to offer :)


Let your voice be heard, without saying a word!