See How to Use The Flex1000 Button Maker with This NEW Video! December 07 2017

The Flex1000 is a great all-metal multi-size hobby button maker, but it involves a few steps that you have to master to get making awesome buttons with every press.

So we decided to make a new video for the FLEX1000 to let people see how to use this machine properly. Just like being in the store or on the phone with us, we have taken the time to walk through how to use the machine and offer some common troubleshooting tips and tricks!

We hope this new video will help those who already have the machine and those folks who are thinking of purchasing the FLEX1000. We know you can't all pop into our store to get a hand's on demonstration before making your button making purchase so we hope this is the next best thing!

If you like to follow written instructions, we also have the FLEX1000 instruction manual available online.

And of course, if you still have questions please just email or call us and we will help you out!

Like this video and want to see more like it? Have some ideas for what you'd like to see next? Please let us know. We want these videos to help make your button making experience as awesome as possible and customer feedback does help us decide what videos to make next!